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Photolithography Online Training

WBT011  - 2.00 Hours

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This online course focuses on photolithography and is designed to provide professionals in the semiconductor industry with information on photolithography, the transfer of tiny, complex circuit designs onto the surface of a wafer. This module describes the process of photolithography and its key quality issues.


At the end of this course the learner will be able to identify:

  • the purpose of photolithography.
  • the four basic process steps of photolithography.
  • the steps of wafer coating.
  • the types of photoresists.
  • four types of exposure systems commonly used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.
  • three types of advanced exposure systems.
  • the development stage for photolithography.
  • the inspection stage for photolithography.
  • important process parameters that are critical to photolithography.
  • the two major quality issues of photolithography.


There are no prerequisites for this class


  • The purpose of photolithography
  • Four basic process steps of photolithography
  • The steps of wafer coating
  • The types of photo resists
  • Four types of exposure systems commonly used in the fabrication of integrated circuits
  • Three types of advanced exposure systems
  • The development stage for photolithography
  • The inspection stage for photolithography
  • Important process parameters that are critical to photolithography
  • Two major quality issues of photolithography


  • New hires in the semiconductor fab
  • Equipment technicians
  • Wafer fab equipment operators
  • Sales support
  • Entry-level engineers
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the semiconductor industry

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The course fee entitles you to a 90-day subscription during which you can take the course at your own pace. The online course can be taken in sections of your choosing and does not have to be completed during any one session.

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