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Process Safety Management Survival

PRT301  - 23.00 Hours


Start Date

End Date


Class Number

3/2/15 3/4/15 Odessa, TX USA OS PRT301 96 enroll  
3/3/15 3/5/15 Mesquite, TX USA OS PRT301 88 enroll  
5/19/15 5/21/15 Mesquite, TX USA OS PRT301 89 enroll  
5/26/15 5/28/15 Hobbs, NM USA OS PRT301 98 enroll  
7/14/15 7/16/15 San Antonio, TX USA OS PRT301 91 enroll  
8/17/15 8/19/15 Odessa, TX USA OS PRT301 97 enroll  
8/19/15 8/21/15 San Antonio, TX USA OS PRT301 95 enroll  
10/20/15 10/22/15 Hobbs, NM USA OS PRT301 99 enroll  

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start,
please contact the division at (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 or itsi@teex.tamu.edu to get the latest schedule.


plant pictureThe major objective of process safety management (PSM) of highly hazardous chemicals is to prevent unwanted releases of hazardous chemicals especially into locations that could expose employees and others to serious hazards. An effective process safety management program requires a systematic approach to evaluating the whole chemical process. Using this approach, the process design, process technology, process changes, operational and maintenance activities and procedures, nonroutine activities and procedures, emergency preparedness plans and procedures, training programs, and other elements that affect the process are all considered in the evaluation. Participants will be introduced to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Process Safety Management standard and explore how to develop a PSM program specific to an employer's safety management needs.


There are no prerequisites for this class

Education Credits

2.30 CEU

Contact Information

Infrastructure & Safety

OSHA Training Institute Education Center

Phone: (979) 458-9188 | Toll-Free: (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 | Fax: (979) 458-1426

Other Information


TEEX-PRT and the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) have an attendance policy that requires all students to fully attend enrolled classes. In order for you to receive a certificate of completion, you must attend the entire class. We realize that extenuating circumstances may arise that would take you out of class and have implemented the following policy to handle those situations. Below are the responsibilities and expectations of you as a student in a TEEX-PRT course.

    1. You are expected to attend 100% of the course in which you are enrolled.

    2. If an extenuating circumstance arises that requires you to attend less than 100% of class, you must complete the Student Absentee Request form (found in the student manual) prior to leaving the classroom and submit it to the instructor for approval. If the extenuating circumstance arises during non-class hours, you must complete the Student Absentee Request form immediately upon return to the classroom and submit it to the instructor for approval.

    3. With an approved absence for extenuating circumstances you may have options for make-up work. See your instructor.

    4. Unexcused absences will require you to make-up time missed by attending the same course offered at another time.

    5. You must enroll through TEEX-PRT Registrars to attend the make-up course.

This course may be offered on-site on a contract basis. Contact OSHA today for a quote.

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