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Course Catalog

  STARTFire Inspections / Fire Prevention

Course Listing

     Unless otherwise noted, all courses delivered in the Face-to-Face mode.
  Course Number   Course Title    
  ASP105   Public Fire Educator I NFPA 1035
  ASP106   Public Fire Educator II NFPA 1035
  FPE100   Plans Examiner I (NFPA 1031)
Class Schedule
  INP400   Fire Inspector I & II (NFPA 1031)
  INP401   NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector I & II Session I
  INP402   NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector I & II Session IIv
  INV100   Fire Investigator Phase I
  INV200   Fire Investigator Phase 2
  INV300   Fire Investigator, T.C.F.P. Course Completer
Class Schedule
  XTN061   Inspector I, II and Plans Examiner
  SAP102  [online] Effective Communication and Interviewing
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  SAP104  [online] Report Writing and Documentation
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