Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic

EMS135 - 433.00 Hours


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    9/4/2018 - 12/21/2018
    College Station TX
    FP  EMS135  67

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (866) 878-8900 or esti@teex.tamu.edu to get the latest schedule.


Do you want to advance your Emergency Medical Service (EMS) career to the next level? The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) approved paramedic program holds a Committee on Accreditation for the EMS Professions (CoAEMSP) Letter of Review, which allows our paramedic students to test for the National Registry. Based on the National Standard Curriculum core competencies, this course meets or exceeds minimum hours and content established by DSHS.

This fast-paced day course includes:

  • 153 hours of online co-requisite courses
  • 280 classroom lectures and hands-on skills
  • 600 hours of field/clinical internship experiences.

Students successfully completing didactic and clinical components of this program are eligible to receive a course completion certificate and take the National Registry Cognitive and Psychomotor exams.

A slower-paced night class, EMS130, is also available.

Please note: Background checks are required for clinical and field rotations. Certification by the Texas Department of State Health Services or other certifying entity is independent of the TEEX EMS program and its training.



There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Completion Requirements


  • At least 17 years of age (must be 18 to become certified)
  • A valid driver's license
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Current American Heart Association HealthCare Provider or American Red Cross Professional Rescuer CPR card
  • A negative tuberculosis (TB) test within six months of the class start date
  • Proof of two measles - mumps - rubella (MMR) vaccinations
  • TDAP (proof of vaccination within last 10 years)
  • Be in the process of completing (or have completed) the hepatitis-B vaccination three-shot series
  • Varicella (chicken pox), proof of two vaccinations at any time or proof of disease
  • Current flu vaccination
  • Current criminal history background check covering the last seven years
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Meningitis vaccination (10 days prior to the first day of class) if under the age of 30
  • Current EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, AEMT certification
  • A copy of the EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, or AEMT certification must be faxed to (979) 458-3533 prior to the start of class
  • Required to submit to a drug screening

Course textbooks and materials


You will be required to purchase the course textbooks (co-requisite online and didactic). Currently, the class is using the Jones & Bartlett / AAOS textbooks:

  • Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets - 7th Edition (2 volume set)
  • Calculations for Medication Administration Paramedic
  • Anatomy and Physiology Paramedic 2nd Edition
  • Pathophysiology Paramedic
  • Essential Medical Terminology - 4th Edition 

You must order the textbook/Navigate package from Jones & Bartlett. This package includes: 2-volume textbook, all 4 online textbooks, the online Navigate system login, and the NR test prep. The package cost is approximately $645.00 for all the above listed materials and is available at: https://checkout.jblearning.com//cart/Default.aspx?bc=16436-7&ref=psg&coupon=TEEXPARA

If package is not ordered from the publisher additional charges may apply.


  • sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff)
  • stethoscope
  • pocket mask with a one-way valve

These are available at most medical supply stores.

Classroom Uniforms

All EMS students attending a TEEX EMS program course at any level will be required to purchase and wear uniforms. Uniforms will consist of:

  • a light blue Class B uniform shirt
  • navy blue uniform-style pants
  • closed-toe black polishable boots or shoes (non-tennis type)

You can also purchase as many t-shirts as you would like to be worn under the Class B uniform shirt; these can be worn during skills practice. Please contact Bob Barker Productions  by phone at (979) 458-0741 to make arrangements for purchasing these items.

Clinical Uniforms

  • A set of scrubs for clinical rotations
  • Clinical shirts and ID's will be provided to you and are part of your course fees.


Advanced airway management +Advanced patient assessment +Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) +Cardiac monitoring +Fluid therapy +Medication administration +Trauma/Shock +Medical emergencies+Hazardous Materials (HazMat)+Pharmacology

Suggested Audience

Individuals who wish to pursue a career as a paramedic and are certified as an:

  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B)
  • EMT-Intermediate
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)

Government Programs, Certifications and Accreditations

Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits For information contact (877) 833-9638

Continuing Education & Professional Credits

    Other Information


    This 15-week course meets two-to-three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and every third Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and every third Friday) from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m..

    The total hours for the class are 1033 hours and are divided into:

    • 153 hours of online co-requisite*
    • 280 hours of didactic/lecture
    • 240 hours of clinical rotations
    • 360 hours of ambulance internship 

    The hospital and ambulance rotations are completed after the classroom portion of the class. You will have up to six months after the last day of class to complete all didactic, clinical, and ambulance internship requirements.

    * The online co-requisite courses are:

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Calculations for Medication Administration
    • Medical Terminology

    Access to these co-requisite online courses will be given a minimum of two months prior to the start of classroom activities, once payment of 10% of the course fee is made. This 10% deposit is nonrefundable.

    ACE information

    The TEEX EMT-Paramedic programs have been approved for Semester Credit Hours through the American Council on Education (ACE). ACE recommends, in the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 23 semester hours in Health Science, Allied Health, Emergency Medical Care, or Paramedical Science.

    Contact Information

    Mike Schuler

    Training Manager
    Phone: 9794582998 | Tollfree: (866) 878-8900


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