Active Shooter Incident Management (24 hour)

PER353 - 24.00 Hours

Currently there are no scheduled classes for this course. However, this course can be scheduled to meet your specific needs. For more information about this course or to schedule a class, please contact National Emergency Response and Recovery Training Center at (844) 789-5673 or


The Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) course is a 24-hour performance level direct delivery course designed to improve incident management and integration of law enforcement, fire and EMS responders to active shooter events.  The course provides a model framework for use by law enforcement, fire and EMS to manage active shooter event response to improve time to threat neutralization, medical intervention, and survivability of victims.


FEMA IS-100 and IS-200 are recommended but not required.  A mixed-discipline instructor cadre is trained to coach participants to success regardless of rank and experience level.


The statistical profile of a typical Active Shooter Event (ASE)+A model Active Shooter Event integrated response process+The Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist™+Organizational building blocks for an integrated response including Contact Team, Rescue Task Force, Tactical, Perimeter, Triage, Transport, Intelligence, and Reunification+Progressively challenging full length Active Shooter Event functional exercise scenarios+Hands-on experience in multiple response roles+Introduction to Complex Coordinated Attacks (CCA)+Experience applying and working within the NIMS Incident Command System+(24-Hour Course) Improvised Explosive Device and Static/Barricade scenarios+(24-Hour Course) CCA Case Studies and capstone exercise scenario

Suggested Audience

Law Enforcement personnel, Fire and EMS personnel and emergency communications personnel (all ranks).

Continuing Education & Professional Credits

  • 2.4 CEUs

Other Information

50 participants: 25 Law Enforcement, 20 Fire and EMS and 5 emergency communications personnel (all ranks)

Contact Information

Brian Kimbrough

Phone: | Tollfree: (844) 789-5673
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