Introduction to Population-Centric Social Risk Analysis

SAP301 - 1.00 Hours


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Social risk impacts our lives daily but often goes unnoticed. It is found within a population's underlying tensions and struggle to acquire basic needs. When Social Risk is not addressed seemingly "insignificant" events can trigger demonstrations, strikes, looting, work stoppages, and violence. Failure to anticipate and manage social risk has delayed projects, closed businesses, and is responsible for the removal of business executives and political leaders. It has even ignited protests and riots around the world. Social risk is amplified by communication technologies that enable individuals, communities, activist groups and terrorist networks to quickly disseminate narratives to a broad audience. Social risk will not abate and current methods to manage it are ineffective.

Developed in collaboration with ENODO Global, this course introduces social risk and techniques to recognize the factors that propagate instability within communities and across societies. By understanding these concepts, you are equipped with the knowledge to make sense of the unpredictable nature of today's dynamic societies and employ proactive strategies to engage different segments of the population. The content of this course is designed to train first responders and help decision-makers reduce the negative impacts of social risk. At the completion of this course, you will be able to recognize social risk, understand its implications, and apply basic social risk analysis tools and techniques to counter its impact.

This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements Risk & Safety Management #7821.


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Social Risk+Identity Conflict+Combining Identity Conflict and Social Risk+Case Studies

Suggested Audience

First responders, decision-makers, and individuals interested in social risk

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