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Fiber Optic Installer Certification

TTP310 - 32.00 Hours

Currently there are no scheduled classes for this course. However, this course can be scheduled to meet your specific needs. For more information about this course or to schedule a class, please contact Infrastructure Training &amp; Safety Institute<BR> OSHA Training Institute Education Center at (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 or


Fiber Optic DiagramThe Fiber Optic Installer Certification course is designed for technicians responsible for the layout, installation and/or maintenance of fiber optic cabling systems. The course provides certification through the Electronic Technicians Association (ETA) and covers fiber optic theory, codes, standards, and other practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. During training, participants have the opportunity for individual hands-on training while demonstrating individual installation skills, including fiber terminations, cable preparations, fusion splicing, OTDR, and optical loss testing. Students successfully completing the course will have met all requirements necessary to sit for the ETA Fiber Optics Installer Certification exam administered through TEEX.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


In order to fully participate during the the class, participants are encouraged to bring company-owned test sets and fusion splicers.


Designing a fiber optic system +Fiber and cable construction +History of fiber optics +Installing end connectors +Multi-mode versus single-mode +Primary loss factors affecting fibers +Splicing fibers with mechanical splices +Testing end connectors with a power meter and light source +Testing the spliced fibers with an OTDR +Theory of fiber optics +Understanding optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) +Splicing fibers with a fusion splicer


  • Anyone who installs/maintains fiber optic cables or systems
  • ETA Fiber Optic Installer Certification candidates
  • Electricians
  • Cable Industry Professionals
  • Telecommunications Industry Professionals
  • Construction Industry Professionals

Government Programs, Certifications and Accreditations

GSA contract number: GS-02F-0003P. GSA customers, to register please contact or call (800) 723-3811

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    Infrastructure Training & Safety Institute
    OSHA Training Institute Education Center
    Phone: | Tollfree: (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811

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