Introduction to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety and Incident Response

XTN095 - 8.00 Hours


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    8/18/2018 - 8/18/2018
    Woodville TX
    FP  XTN095  2

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The purpose of this program is to familiarize students with how Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) and their supporting infrastructure function. This course covers AFV safety (part 1) and incident response (part 2).

The first part of this course provides an overview of AFV functionality and operational information intended to increase safety awareness levels. Primary hazards associated with alternative fuels and filling stations are also covered. AFV safety lessons are designed to provide students with a general awareness of common alternative fuel vehicles, available fuel types, fuel storage, and general safety issues. Additionally, information on resources associated with the utilization of AFV technologies for commercial, public and private use are included.

The second part of this course will familiarize students with AFV incident response information and considerations. Although we discuss some of the potential tactical considerations associated with responding to incidents involving AFVs, this training does not establish specific tactics.

Incident response lessons are designed to provide students with an overview of pre-planning and response factors for alternative fuel vehicle incidents. Size-up considerations are the primary focus of the training. This course is not intended to address tactical issues for first responders.

The course intent is for the student to incorporate the general concepts discussed in this program into the operating procedures and guidelines established by their agency, or develop new procedures or guidelines that address AFVs.


Students should take Part 1 as a prerequisite for Part 2.


Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Safety+Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Incident Response

Suggested Audience

All emergency responders, and those responding to vehicle incidents such as towing personnel.

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