Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Drones

TEEX can assist you with integration of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), commonly known as drones, into your critical mission requirements. These missions can range from emergency response, disaster support, damage assessments, event security, infrastructure inspections, remote sensing, corrections and others. The utilization of sUAS has demonstrated an increase in effectiveness, efficiency and safety for you and your staff. The timeliness of data capture and situational awareness is astounding.


National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program

  • Provides for third party vetting of commercial sUAS service providers and credentialing
  • Provides for additional opportunities to expand business footprint with select major industries
  • Provides for potential reduced UAS liability insurance rates
  • Sets your business apart from all the others

Funding Options DHS/FEMA Veterans Benefits GSA
Delivery Types Online Face-to-Face Blended

FAA Test Preparation

Division Course Number Title Description Funding Option Delivery Type



Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Preparation


Introduction to sUAS

Division Course Number Title Description Funding Option Delivery Type



sUAS for Public Safety Personnel



​ | Accident Reconstruction

 | Crime Scene Investigations

 | Explosive Ordnance Disposal Range

 | Special Weapons and Tactics

 | Fire/Hazmat Response

 | Search and Rescue

 | Infrastructure Inspection

 | Others

​ | Applying for Certificates of Authorization/Waivers from the FAA

 | Policy and Procedure Development

 | Development of Internal Safety Management System

 | Recommendations for Platform and Sensor Packages

 | Technical Assistance

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