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Who We Are and What We Do

​​Product development is a dynamic process that evolves and adapts to changes in policy, competition, trends, pricing​, and consumer demands. Our process for product development leverages engineering expertise, experienced market analysts, laboratories, and real-world facilities to ensure your technology stays on the path to commercialization. 

Using our proven process of THINK | BUILD | SELL, we help you develop methodologies, recruit subject-matter experts, assess partnerships, and test & evaluate your product. Our unbiased assessments can help you develop, test, and even deliver your product to the global market. Each element of our THINK ​| BUILD | SELL process assists your product, offering targeted and customized services based on where you are currently engaged in the product development cycle. 


TEEX served NASA as the Mid-Continent Technology Transfer Center (MCTTC). For 15 years, TEEX worked to commercialize NASA intellectual property portfolio, working with up to 125 technologies a year. ​

TEEX became a strategic partner for the Department of Homeland Security’s System Assessment and Validation of Emergency Response (SAVER) Program in 2005. In this role, TEEX assembled industry experts from across the nation and facilitated testing and evaluation of emergency response technologies at Brayton Fire Field, Disaster City and the Texas A&M Riverside Campus. ​

Contact Information

Caleb Holt

Project Manager

Caleb Holt

Center Manager

Caleb brings a wealth of experience in business and entrepreneurship to the PDC. Caleb spent 5 years in market intelligence performing THINK services for PDC before moving to his role as Center Manager. He is now focused on testing products and getting companies to revenue. Caleb’s main job is turning ideas into products, and his passion is innovation re-purposing, the process of moving a technology in an established industry into a new market segment.

After first earning his Associates in Science in 2005, Caleb went on to earn his Bachelors in Animal Science in 2007, and finally a Masters in Agribusiness in 2009.

Caleb is blessed with a beautiful wife, Leslie, and two kids, Cooper Charles (2 yrs. old) and Nora (6 mo. old). When Caleb isn’t spending time with family, (which is his favorite), he also loves raising cattle and working outdoors baling hay, mending fences and spraying weeds.

Caleb is from Smyer, Texas.

Eli  Wood


Eli is the BUILD Design Lead at PDC and primarily helps bring client ideas to life from the THINK portion of the development cycle. From conception to prototype, Eli helps people progress through the development cycle and communicate their ideas to a wide variety of audiences. Digital modeling, rapid prototyping, and the coordination of the design projects are his main responsibilities.

Eli is from El Campo, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M’s school of Architecture in 2014 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design.

Eli enjoys bike rides, happy hour, and spending time with his dog, Moses.

Jeff  Lemley


Jeff is a BUILD Design Specialist for the PDC. Like Eli, Jeff’s primary responsibilities lie within the THINK and BUILD portions of the product development wheel. Jeff focuses on all things computer design, whether it be graphic design, modeling, animation, rendering, or video editing. Jeff also works directly with clients, in designing and creating new products or reproducing them in the computer for marketing purposes.

Jeff graduated from Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture with a Bachelor of Environmental Design (BED) and a Minor in Art.

When time is available, Jeff likes to work out and do extra computer modeling on the side.

Jeff is from Austin, Texas.

Kyle Berger


Kyle is a BUILD Design Specialist for the PDC. Kyle is also working in the THINK and BUILD sections of the product development cycle. Kyle is in charge of many parts of the design process, especially in graphic design and modeling. Kyle is the College Station contact for design clients.

Kyle is a junior majoring in Environmental Design at the Texas A&M University College of Architecture with a minor in Art and Architectural History.

Kyle is from Allen, TX and enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, and anything Star Wars.

Lisa Harst

Think & Sell

Lisa is a THINK & SELL Graduate Student Worker for PDC Marketing, Strategy, and Market Analysis. Since starting with the PDC in May 2015, Lisa has been restructuring the PDC website, revamping social media and communications, performing analysis, keeping up with all things policy, and doing whatever else her boss throws at her.

Lisa will graduate from the George Bush School of Government & Public Service with a Master of Public Service & Administration in May 2016. She is studying public policy analysis, concentrating on American Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys learning about the stock market & investing, talking politics, indulging in coffee every morning, a good glass of wine, running, singing karaoke, and spending Saturdays by the pool doing as much nothing as possible (with a book and a few friends, of course).

Lisa is from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Marcelo Coelho de Lima


Marcelo is a Graduate Student Worker for PDC Market Analysis. Since joining the PDC team in June 2015, Marcelo has searched for information regarding new ideas and their potential markets. He then uses that information to analyze how to make decisions and help companies strategize.

A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo will graduate with a Master of Agribusiness from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 2017.

In his free time, Marcelo enjoys working out, running, reading (yes, he’s a little nerd), watching TV, or just hanging out with friends. He has three nephews and a niece whom he thinks is pretty cute—so cute, in fact, that he has become very jealous of her!

Nikki Vance


Nikki joined the PDC team as a SELL Student Worker for Marketing & Public Relations in May 2015 and is responsible for generating and coordinating social media content for the PDC.

Nikki is from Houston, TX and recently spent 3 months studying intercultural communication. In Italy she and her peers studied rhetoric and religious communication, while visiting cultural institutions such as the Museo Galileo in Florence.  Nikki will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Human Resource Development minor in 2016, as well as a certification in Communication Leadership and Conflict Management.
When she isn’t traveling or two-stepping at Harry’s, Nikki loves to play sports- especially soccer and judo.

Shelby Mullens

Project Specialist

Shelby has a passion for working with start-up companies and working to commercialize technologies. She was previously a student worker for PDC Marketing, Strategy and Market intelligence. Shelby now supports the project work of the Defense to Response Technology Program and supports marketing for PDC clients.

Shelby is from Austin, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics and a minor in Mathematics in May 2016.

In her free time, Shelby enjoys relaxing outdoors, watching football (especially Aggie football), shooting skeet, and learning about emerging technologies. 

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