Tyler Steel doesn’t want to be a good company — it wants to be an excellent company!

That’s why Sam Roosth, president of Tyler Steel, contacted the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), after he heard about the success that other East Texas companies were having with the services offered by TMAC. TMAC is a manufacturing extension program managed by the Texas Engineering Extension Service.

Tyler Steel, located in Tyler, fabricates steel for structural needs as well as miscellaneous needs such as stairs and handrails and maintains an extensive inventory of angles, channels, beams, pipes and many other steel products in their Steel Service Center.

TMAC sent manufacturing specialists Bill Cornett and Pat McIntyre to meet with Roosth and several key employees to complete an initial company assessment and determine what could be done to polish Tyler Steel’s business and manufacturing processes.

The “no nonsense” format of the company assessment gave management at Tyler Steel an entirely new outlook and significantly changed their way of thinking, so much so that they asked TMAC for additional assistance on several of the recommendations that had been made in the assessment.

As Roosth explained, “The assessment was presented in a format that prioritized and balanced the needs for today with the challenges of tomorrow. The independent third-party perspective from TMAC was just what I was looking for…it opened our eyes to what was going on in our shop and in the marketplace!”

With TMAC’s assistance, process flow improvements were made that have allowed Tyler Steel to triple the size of the jobs that it was quoting from $1 million to $3 million.

These improvements also helped to free up cash flow which enabled Tyler Steel to computerize its 20-year-old automatic beam line punch, acquire the only cambering machine in East Texas and become year 2000 compliant.

In addition, a follow-up project on inventory reduction helped to cut inventory in half while maintaining adequate stocks to service customer and fabrication shop needs.

“In short, management was enlightened, company employees better trained and the overall company perception changed to working more as a team. The benefits to Tyler Steel of working with TMAC range from maximizing inventory turnover to using common sense marketing and quality control to strengthen company relations with general contractors in the steel fabrication field and last but most importantly, increasing employee pride,” says Roosth.

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