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The Career Advancement and Applied Technology Training Division (CAAT) of TEEX was recently accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). This accreditation is testimony to the quality programs and high-caliber staff associated with CAAT.

The accreditation process involved a lengthy self-study over a year’s period and a visit by the COE team. The self-study began in July 1999 and ran through Sept. 29, 2000.

Mike Nelson says, “This was not only a challenging time for CAAT staff, but also a time that the group discovered what a committed, talented and dedicated team we can be.”

Division Head Jackie Gorman added, “Every member of our staff was actively involved in this self-study. Teams were formed with employees who do not usually work together, leadership roles for staff members who do not normally have the opportunity to lead, and we involved members of our advisory committees whenever possible.”

Their hard work paid off. The COE team arrived Oct. 2 and cut their visit short because the self-study report was so well prepared that the team was able to give their findings earlier than planned. As a matter of fact, the team only had two findings and recommendations.

And to top it off, the COE team was so impressed with CAAT’s self-study that they asked to use it as an example at their annual conference training session. Once again, CAAT sets the standard for excellence.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I will be taking more TEEX courses. This was fantastic.

— Death Investigation
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