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NASA has awarded a new contract to TEEX’s Mid-Continent Technology Transfer Center (MCTTC), one of the four awarded contracts out of six Regional Technology Transfer Centers (RTTCs). The two-year contract has the potential for a renewal for five years with a total value of $6.25 million.

Based in TEEX’s Technology and Economic Development Division, MCTTC helps high-tech and manufacturing companies sharpen their competitive edge and stimulate economic development.

Some of the services provided to companies in the 14-state mid-continent region include technology commercialization, technology problem-solving, market research and information services.

The goal of RTTCs is to help U.S. companies find and use technologies, expertise and facilities at NASA, as well as in more than 1,000 federal, state, university and industrial laboratories.

Operating since 1992, the RTTCs have developed a regional network that involves more than 70 affiliated organizations at the state and local levels.

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