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A TEEX Workforce Services Group (WSG) has been formed to coordinate and facilitate the agency’s workforce development efforts. Under the direction of Bob Prock, the group will identify statewide funding opportunities and work with specific workforce development boards across the state to develop comprehensive, long-term contracts for TEEX training services.

Ed Cain and John Leyendecker will work on business development for the WSG, and Amy Harr will provide administrative support. Jonathan Dikes will handle project development, contract management and reporting, while Kirk Chambers will deal with certification and recertification of training programs and workforce data management. Ed Cain will also handle curriculum review.

TEEX Director Dr. Kem Bennett said in a memorandum that workforce development initiatives have brought in over $5.2 million in the last five years and the agency intends to “grow that number even further.”

“I feel this WSG structure provides a more seamless agency to our customers and helps us provide the most effective and efficient service to the citizens of this state,” Bennett said.

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