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The Emergency Services Training Institute has integrated weapons of mass destruction (WMD) response into its Fire Officer III and IV curricula, effective January 15, 2002. Each course includes new information about readiness, response tactics, and mitigation procedures for a local WMD event. ESTI’s Fire Officer III and IV, already comprehensive in their coverage of NFPA 1021,now provide WMD material that is both timely and practical, and that is woven throughout the existing course content. Participants will also benefit from the WMD information provided by our online “Terrorism Awareness for Emergency First Responders” course, which now serves as a prerequisite for Fire Officer courses.

Further revisions include an exhaustive overhaul of the group and individual activities. Both courses will continue to satisfy the requirements of NPQS certification.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

Highly recommended class and TEEX training is awesome.

— Forensic Technician
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