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The Frank M. Tejeda Center for Excellence in Environmental Operations, a state agency that helps communities improve city services involving water and wastewater, has opened a new office in the Lower Valley region of Texas, to better serve citizens and city leaders on both sides of the United States and Mexico border.

The new office is in the City of Mercedes Public Works building, which is being provided at no cost by the city. The new Tejeda Center office is centrally located—ideal for its regional operations in the Lower Valley and the corresponding area in northern Mexico.

“Because we live and work in this region full-time,” says Richard LeFevre, Tedeja Center Project Manager, “Tejeda Center staff understands the unique challenges facing water and wastewater providers here. We can capitalize on local resources to develop and nurture regional and cross-border answers to environmental questions.”

The Frank M. Tejeda Center for Excellence in Environmental Operations champions the development and operation of effective, efficient and sustainable environmental infrastructure systems. The Center provides focused training, coordinated leadership and strategic planning that promote responsible stewardship of the environment and support operators, communities and decision-makers with high levels of technical, managerial and financial competency.

“The region is experiencing phenomenal growth and all the challenges that go with it,” says Tejeda Center Director Beth Eby. “We know that good growth needs to be built on a solid foundation of basic services that create a high standard of living. We’re here to help city leaders navigate those challenges successfully, and provide first-rate services for the citizens.”

The Frank M. Tejeda Center is administered by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a member of The Texas A&M University System.

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Highly recommended class and TEEX training is awesome.

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