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The West Texas Regional Training Center (WTRTC) in Abilene will close at the end of August.

“Many factors played a role in this difficult decision,” says TEEX Director Dr. Kemble Bennett. “The lack of demand for the TEEX/Texas Petroleum Technology Program and under utilization of the Center have shown us that a physical location is no longer needed.”

The TEEX-owned, 11,000-square facility and 48-acre site is currently occupied by three TEEX employees and has been used to deliver both hands-on petroleum technology training, as well as classroom lectures.

“Although we must close the Center, we remain committed to filling the needs of the West Texas region and will continue to serve in the area,” says Bennett. “We will utilize the facilities of our many partners and stakeholders to deliver our training, when needed.”

The closing of the Center will have little, if any, noticeable economic impact on the Abilene community.

“We understand the difficult decision TEEX had to make in regards to the Center,” says Bill Ehrie, president of the Abilene Industrial Foundation. “And we look forward to the agency continuing to contribute to workforce development in this area, in the future.”

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