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The newly redesigned TEEX web site rolled out April 22, and includes an e-store that allows customers to buy TEEX training manuals and other products online.

“It’s really slick,” says Chuck Phinney, who served as project manager of the web site redesign team. “Divisions have the opportunity to sell products over the web.” The TEEX online store accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

“Navigation issues were among the things we tried to overcome on the new site,” Phinney said. “Instead of structuring the site like TEEX, we tried to keep the customers in mind.”

One of the main design inputs was that customers wanted to easily find our courses without having to navigate through our site. So, another major change on the new site is the look and function of the site’s front page, Phinney said.

“The home page serves as the TEEX course catalog,” he said. “On the front page, there are a number of categories that cascade to subcategories when you run the mouse over them. From the front page, customers can see all that TEEX does, go to the course information and register online in just three clicks. If they know the class number, they can register in one click.”

Also, the header on every page has a key word search function that searches the entire web site to make it easier for customers to find the courses they are interested in, he added.

People have spent a lot of time on this project, Phinney said. In addition to team members, it was a group effort with people in the divisions contributing as well.

Phinney stressed that the web site will keep evolving. “We’ll continue to make enhancements to the site. We’re not really done; we’ll keep working on making improvements to keep current with technology and content as well as the look and feel of the site. But we’ll continue to maintain the philosophy of the site, which is to allow our customers to easily find information about our courses and services.

“We are excited that we’ve finally gotten this new web site out,” Phinney said. “Ultimately, our external customers will let us know how they like it. They are the ones we are trying to please, so if they like it, we’re happy.”

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

When Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III amazingly landed the U.S. Airways plane he was piloting into the Hudson River, emergency responders sprang into action. TEEX received the following message the same day…

Please thank the staff of TEEX for their help in preparing our first responders and private sector for this port emergency. Everyone is complimenting the unified command operational effectiveness. Good outcomes during emergencies always start with good training.

— Brian O’Neal, Client, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security
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