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To assist emergency response supervisory personnel to more effectively manage incidents, the Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) and TEEX have teamed up with the Phoenix Fire Department to offer a unique Incident Command System (ICS) training program.

ESTI Director Les Bunte and Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) Chief Alan Brunacini announced their joint effort at the Phoenix Incident Management Symposium held in September.

The three-day ICS training program is aimed at junior- and senior-level fire officers, emergency medical personnel, instructors, hazardous materials and other specialized operations personnel. It is designed to prepare these personnel to use proper incident management techniques, so the operations conducted during an incident will be safer, more effective and more efficient.

Mike Wisby, ESTI program manager, indicated the program will utilize both classroom and simulation technology to prepare command personnel to manage incidents ranging from day-to-day operations to multi-alarm size. The program uses approved curriculum and will be taught at the Phoenix Fire Department Command Training Center.

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