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LUBBOCK — A unique program aimed at improving the safety of workers in the oil and gas fields of the Permian Basin is fostering cooperation between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the oil and gas industry.

Made possible through an OSHA grant to the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), the project involves producing and distributing photographs and visual training aids that will help workers identify potential hazards in oil and gas field operations.

The photographs show real oil and gas field work environments in the Texas Permian Basin and are being produced in cooperation with the OSHA Lubbock area office and Kinder-Morgan along with other oil and gas service contractors.

“This proactive safety initiative has the support of major oil and gas service contractors in the Permian Basin,” said TEEX-OSHA Director Teresea Madden-Thompson. “Working together we believe we can significantly improve the health and safety of workers in the oil and gas industry.” Photographs and visuals of hazardous situations are effective training aids, and are especially beneficial for workers for whom English is a second language, she added.

“Cooperation among all of these participants will produce an end product mutually beneficial to all — reducing accident and fatality rates in oil and gas production,” said Linda C. Berryman, who is coordinating the project for TEEX-OSHA. “It is essential to have access to real oil and gas field work situations and a dialogue with job site supervisors in order to successfully complete this work.”

The high-quality photographs will be made available to the public free of charge and posted on the Internet, under OSHA’s E-Tool Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Safety Training Program. 

“This project has the potential for promoting a safer workplace in oil and gas fields around the world,” Berryman said.

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This was a very good training! I loved the hands on aspect.

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