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TEEX’s Disaster City® is sporting new signs at the front and back entrances to the 52-acre emergency response training facility. The signs are constructed out of actual pieces of rubble, with letters that have a special etching to appear as though they have been through a disaster.

Disaster City® is a mock community featuring full-scale callapsible structures designed to simulate the aftermath of a manmade or natural disaster. Three rubble piles have interior tunnels where live “victims” can be placed for both human and canine search and rescue training.

The new signs were designed by Blake Knight and constructed by Joe Easterling, Robert Robertson, Brent Cassens, Clint Arnett and Brett Dixon of TEEX.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I think that regardless of one’s training, this course can benefit any death investigator. Very applicable to our job as detectives.

— Death Investigation
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