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The Texas Engineering Extension Service’s 39th Annual Spanish Fire School is under way with 627 Spanish-speaking firefighters from 17 countries learning the latest in firefighting procedures and techniques.

Countries and student numbers include:

Argentina, 19
Aruba, 4
Brazil, 41
Chile, 27
Colombia, 32
Costa Rica, 26
Ecuador, 12
Spain, 6
Guatemala, 2
Honduras, 4
Mexico, 248
Panama, 2
Peru, 38
Puerto Rico, 69
Dominican Republic, 15
Venezuela, 74
United States, 3

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

Thank you for the invitation to attend the BEDC recently held in Frisco. As a Board member of an EDC and not being my chosen career, I wanted to express my appreciation for the varied speakers assembled and case studies discussed. It was informative, enjoyable and time well spent. I look forward to the next opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the EDC world in such a pleasant environment that you create.

— Gary Carley, BEDC Participant, Nov 2016, Frisco EDC
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