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Three TEEX staff members are listed in the newly released
Jane’s Chem-Bio Handbook: Third Edition. John Rinard is a contributing author, while Harvey Stewart and Marty Luna are members of the editorial review panel.

Jane’s is known for its publications on ships, aircraft, weapons systems and, more recently, for its authoritative guides on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) response.

“We use Jane’s Chem-Bio Handbook as one of our reference resources in a number of our WMD courses,” said Steve Hightower, WMD-Incident Management Training Program Supervisor with TEEX’s National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center.

“It is widely considered the international authority on WMD response, so having our TEEX staff listed is a compliment to our staff and how we are viewed by such a well-known authority as Jane’s.”

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I feel strongly that this course will improve my scene work. It is a must have for any CSI or Prospective CSI.

— Forensic Technician
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