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The TEEX Center for Instructional Technologies has designed a program that allows instructors to create randomized tests online. The WebKAT instructional tool was developed to assist trainers in designing curriculum and secure testing formats for web-based instruction.

With WebKAT (Web-based Knowledge Assessment Tool), instructors can track students’ progress and profiles as well as record grades. Instructors and students can access and print out transcripts. Instructors also can create reports on students, classes, organizations, tests, scores or cities.

Project manager Gary Lovan said WebKAT will benefit TEEX instructors and customers. “This software will allow our divisions to offer randomly generated, digital tests in a secure environment,” he said. “The tests can be offered online, or printed out and distributed traditionally.”

Several TEEX divisions are already using the WebKAT system. Rusty Cooper, a program coordinator for the Information Technology Group at the Career Advancement and Applied Technology Training Division, said they plan to convert all of the testing to WebKAT. He said its archive function will be useful to the division. If students call for grades, he said, it is easier to type in a name and pull information rather than looking through files for test records.

He said another advantage of WebKAT is the security of randomized tests. Cooper said that because the tests are different, it alleviates the problem of students giving the test to other students.

WebKAT is also available for purchase by TEEX customers. The Electronics Technicians Association began using WebKAT in May. Lovan said that ETA personnel had looked at similar digital testing packages for five years, but could not find what they needed until they saw a WebKAT demonstration.

David McKenna, manager of TEEX Communications, said that WebKAT is the beginning of CIT-developed products.

“It’s really the first product conceived and developed at the CIT – and there’s more to come,” he said. “We’re working on a suite of products.”
Lovan said the next product CIT will release is Project Trax. It is a web-based software system that provides organizations with a way to track and manage projects.

CIT is working on other products, such as TEEX Contact Database, WBT Virtual Campus/Course Administration and Publication Tool, Search Engine Submission Tool, TEEX Online Survey Tool and TEEX Digital Graphics Library.

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