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Bush School and NERRTC team up for bioterrorism simulation exercise

Thirty-five students from the Master’s Program in International
Affairs at The George Bush School of Government and Public
Service at Texas A&M University recently participated in a
bioterrorism tabletop simulation exercise conducted by TEEX’s
National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center
(NERRTC). The exercise, dubbed Eris 2006 for the Greek
goddess of strife and conflict, was held at TEEX’s Emergency
Operations Training Center on Nov. 7 and 14.

Students were assigned their roles in advance, allowing them to
research how various federal, state and city officials, as well as Mexican government officials, deal with crises. They were required to respond to a crisis involving a smallpox epidemic that began as
an act of terrorism. Following the exercise, NERRTC led an after-action review and held a panel
discussion on crisis communication, decision-making and lessons learned, featuring NERRTC
instructors who have responded to a variety of high-profile disasters.

Sneed receives TEEXcellent Service Award for December

Oddis Sneed, Custodial Worker II with TEEX’s Professional & Regulatory
Training, received the December TEEXcellent Service Award on Friday, Dec. 1,
at the TEEX campus in Mesquite. The TEEXcellent Service Award program
recognizes employees who go above and beyond to provide something extra
known as “TEEXcellent Service.”

“Oddis feels a sense of ownership and pride for the Mesquite facility,” said PRT
Division Director David Milligan. “Oddis is very aware of how students react to
the cleanliness and appearance of the facility and he makes every effort to keep
the facility in top shape.” “He understands that each student could have the potential to bring TEEX the next $250,000

TEEXans participate in the Texas EMS Conference

TEEX’s Emergency Services Training Institute was well-represented at
the recent Texas EMS Conference in Dallas. TEEXans participated
both as speakers and participants in the conference held Nov. 19-
22. Presenters included Connie Blackford and Mike Schuler, who
conducted three sessions on Patient Care and Assessment with
Tactile Sensory Deprivation, to demonstrate patient care while wearing
higher levels of personal protection. Kathy Wall led a
workshop on canine care and Tony Garcia gave a presentation on
chemical agents. Forrest “Woody” Wood, Kim Jones and Ernie
Rodriguez held workshops on EMS Leadership. The TEEX exhibit
booth was staffed by Juan Guerrero, Kelli Isaacks, Stephanie Thompson and Jon Swain.

Disaster City® featured in Texas Civil Engineer magazine

TEEX’s Disaster City® was featured on the cover of Texas Civil Engineer
magazine’s winter edition, along with a two-page article covering the construction
and engineering aspects of the world-renowned facility. In-depth interviews with
TEEX US&R Program Director Billy Parker and Texas Task Force 1 Structural
Engineer Pete Keating explain exactly what goes into building a safe training facility
that appears as if it is destroyed.

“From what I understand, most engineers don’t feel like a building is intact unless it’s
got connection on all four sides. We have some freestanding walls, so they had to be designed a
little stouter with some different stabilization concepts,” Parker is quoted in the magazine.

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