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TEEX’s Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) has received an endorsement from the UK-based Joint Oil and Industry Fire Forum (JOIFF) to deliver JOIFF-accredited training.

The JOIFF Accreditation Team was impressed with the progressive nature of TEEX’s facilities and the drive to improve. The team described Brayton Fire Training Field as an “outstanding facility with world-class training procedures and policies.” JOIFF offers an internationally recognized certification process.

“This recognition will support many TEEX programs that are delivered to clients such as BP and others that are based in the UK or Europe,” said ESTI Program Manager Mike Wisby. “Our facility, personnel, levels of service, curriculum, evaluation and safety procedures were rated superior by the assessment team.”

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I was sent to St. Bernard Parish, LA., as the incident commander for 16 days following Hurricane Katrina. The training I received from TEEX was priceless. All of the areas covered in the program rang true in the command structure.

— Capt. Tim Keene, Delhi Township Fire Department
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