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A new TEEX mobile training unit is now traveling Texas highways to train emergency responders in confined space rescue operations. Purchased by TEEX’s Emergency Services Training Institute, the mobile unit allows TEEX to better serve customers by conducting training at their facilities. The 24-foot mobile Confined Space Trailer can be used for NFPA 1670 Rescue Technician, NFPA 1006 Confined Space Certification or customized classes.

“Confined spaces present a variety of hazards to rescuers, especially hidden dangers such as the threat of asphyxiation,” said Rescue Program Manager James Hyles. “Every confined space should be considered dangerous until proven otherwise and until precautions are taken to mitigate potential hazards. A successful rescue operation depends on the degree to which rescuers have been trained to recognize on-scene hazards, evaluate them and control variables to protect all personnel. This mobile unit will allow us to take this training to more emergency responders across the state.”

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I am on the ERT and this course pulls it all together. EOC, COOP Plan, Supporting after incident occurs.

— Managing Critical Incidents at Institutes of Higher Education
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