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TEEX to co-host “Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement” seminar

Most know law enforcement officers endure rigorous training to ensure the safety of the population and of themselves. What’s often forgotten, though, is the emotional toll that the profession can take on an officer.

Officers are subjected to on-the-job stresses – even physical harm or death – that a majority of the general public cannot fathom. And because of these psychological strains, police personnel must maintain a certain mentality while on duty. Although this is important to their safety, the mindset can be a detriment to the officer’s life outside of the workplace.

About the seminars

On Monday, Nov. 12, two four-hour seminars – 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. – will take place at the College Station Hilton Hotel & Conference Center to address these issues. Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, author of the book Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement will address officers and their families from across the state.

The event is sponsored by the Texas Engineering Extension Service’s Central Texas Police Academy, the Brazos Valley Council of Governments and the College Station Police Department.

Each seminar explores issues that create officers who see themselves as victims and begin rationalizing inappropriate behavior. Communication challenges that cause many officers’ relationships and marriages to fail will also be discussed.

The course also will review the causes of, and ways to intervene in: cynicism, relationship failures, supervision issues, integrity-loss issues, officer over-aggressiveness, situational values, victim-based thinking, entitlement orientation and loyalty versus integrity.

About Dr. Kevin Gilmartin

Dr. Gilmartin has sold more than 100,000 copies of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement and currently travels the country delivering his seminars to agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Administration.


Find out more about the seminars at www.teex.org/publicsafety.

Media note: Dr. Kevin Gilmartin is available for interviews between seminars – 12 p.m.-1 p.m. – at the College Station Hilton Hotel & Conference Center.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I’m amazed at the amount of material (and varying types) that we were provided. The inclusion of the house scenarios was an incredible learning tool.

— Explosive Breacher Entry
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