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Fire instructors who have died over the past year were remembered Wednesday by thousands of their own.

A memorial service at the Brayton Fire Training Field honors the late guest instructors who have taught during the Spanish, Industrial and Municipal Fire Schools throughout the years.

Their names were read aloud Wednesday in both English and Spanish.

Instructors’ names are also engraved in a granite wall in memory to those who dedicated at least 10 years to training firefighters each summer.

Over the years, many of these instructors used vacation time and paid their own expenses to train their emergency response counterparts.

Memorial ceremonies will also be held during the Industrial Fire School on July 18 and during the Municipal Fire School on July 25.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

The Valve & Hydrant class was awesome to be a part of, learned a lot and the instructor was top notch! Thanks, Bessie!

— T. Saenz, Client, Rosenber, TX
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