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COLLEGE STATION – A state representative takes some heat, along side some firefighters today. Representative Lois Kohlkorst of Brehnam suited up and grabbed a hose out at the TEEX fire training school Wednesday morning.

She says she has long admired the training that goes on out there. And after fighting some blazes today she can definitely remind her colleagues just how important it is to continue supporting the fire school.

“I can look at them and say have you ever fought a fire? Can you imagine what’s it’s like? To say to them what we do out here is so important to protect people in Dallas, El Paso, Corpus Christi. It really cuts through the entire argument that we sometimes have up there that ‘this isn’t for my district’…oh yes it is,” Kohlkorst said.

Kohlkorst says her training Wednesday taught her just how dangerous the job is and just increases her respect for the work fire fighters do.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

The course was outstanding. I went from basic knowledge on fires to being able to capture flaming valves and flanges, extinguish open hydrocarbon fires and conduct search and rescue in a short five days….This is a highly professional course.

— Dave LaBorde, Client, BP Atlantis
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