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SAN ANTONIO — With many areas in Texas only a thunderstorm away from flooding, Gov. Rick Perry has activated a water rescue team in San Antonio that is on standby in case of severe weather.

The Texas Task Force One consists of a U.S. Coast water rescue team, six Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens with three boats, and 60 soldiers.

A Texas Forest Service incident management team is also ready to mobilize if heavy rains create flash flooding.

In D’Hanis, residents await to hear from Perry about whether or not their town will be declared a disaster area after a flood damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

The flood damaged 120 homes and damaged a large number of businesses.

Linda Finger, a businesses owner, said that three of her four businesses were damaged in the flood.

“It was like a washing machine,” Finger said. “It took everything and tossed it around. I had an exercise ball that I had to pull out of the ceiling. It was incredible!”

Finger said that she has had no consistent income over the last five days and recently learned that the basement in one of her businesses will not be covered by insurance.

Flood victims are receiving shelter in Hondo at an American Red Cross center while the Salvation Army is also helping the families affected by the flood.

D’Hanis residents met Thursday night to discuss recovery plans.

If Perry declares D’Hanis a disaster area, the town will be eligible for federal aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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