IEP001 – 16.00 Hours

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Course Description

This course provides an overview of the physical phenomenon associated with processes used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Key topics include mathematical manipulation, quantitative measurements, the physical units of time and space, factors that affect motion, energy, and matter, physical laws that define properties of gases, electromagnetism and its effects, wave and particle theory, optical control of light, and equipment and process variables attributed to wafer manufacturing.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Attendance Requirements

To meet attendance requirements, participants must review each training module and complete all required course assignments, activities, quizzes, and/or end of course exam.


Previous college level course work or work experience is preferred; the TKDP program courses are intended as a review only.


  • Math Refresher as needed for this course
  • Space and time
  • Base Units
  • Derived Units
  • Unit Conversions
  • Laws of Motion
  • Energy and Matter
  • Ideal Gas Law
  • Electromagnetism
  • Waves and Particles
  • Optics
  • Equipment and Process Variables
  • Definitions

Suggested Audience

The TKDP program, last revised in 2004 by the TEEX for Texas Instruments (TI), is designed to help TI fab technicians grasp the technical aspects of the fundamental processes used to manufacture semiconductor devices. The program provides an overview of many of the scientific principles upon which the semiconductor industry was founded. It is expected that participants who attend these courses will have participated in similar courses in the past and understand that these brief courses are offered as a review and as a refresher.

Other Information

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The TEEX curriculum works well. I was able to take the core classes in construction as well as some electives…and incorporate the information into my job.

— Mark Bruno, Gulfgate Construction
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