TEEX is committed to the health, wellness and safety of all TEEXans, their family members, and our partners and customers. As we continue to navigate the current challenges, the following procedures are implemented at all TEEX facilities until further notice.

Social Distancing Requirements

All TEEX facilities adhere to current CDC recommended social distancing guidelines of staying at least six (6) feet from other people. In order to facilitate this on TEEX facilities, the following has been done:

  • All meeting or training space located inside our facilities are arranged to maximum capacity based on current social distancing requirements.
  • Appropriate signage about social distancing is placed in common areas, meeting rooms and other locations.
  • Access to the facility is limited by providing one entry point from the parking area.

Health screening

Employees, participants and visitors are required to undergo health screening prior to entering a TEEX facility.

  • Individuals who do not pass the health screening will be pulled aside and re-screened after 10 minutes to ensure accuracy. If the person fails to pass a second time, they will be screened one more time after 10 minutes of rest. If a person fails all three attempts, they will not be permitted access to a TEEX facility for 14 days or until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation from a physician stating the reason for failure was not COVID-19 related.

Enhanced protective measures for employees, contractors, participants and visitors.

Face coverings (i.e., cloth face coverings, surgical masks) MUST be worn by ALL individuals in TEEX facilities in the following areas:

  • Indoor public areas (even if alone). Additionally, masks must be worn in all non-private offices, lobbies, restrooms, classrooms, common spaces, hallways, conference rooms and break rooms. This includes offices that are shared by more than one (1) person.
  • Outdoor spaces where six (6) feet or more of physical distancing is difficult to reliably maintain.
  • Specific rooms are designated as “face covering optional” for the consumption of meals. Social distancing must be maintained at all times and these rooms are marked as such to include the maximum occupancy.

Cleaning of TEEX Facilities

Classroom and common area spaces are disinfected regularly to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

  • All common areas are disinfected three (3) times a day.
  • Disinfectant wipes are available for participants to clean their own spaces desired.

Health of employees, contractors, participants and visitors.

Any employee, contractor, participant or visitor indicating they are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms before or after clearing the health screening station, will be sent home immediately.

Food Service

Until further notice, TEEX will not provide beverage service for participants except in situations where safety is a concern. In those situations, additional care must be taken to ensure social distancing and sanitation.

Meal service will continue to be at the discretion of external companies or organizations for their own employees. However, any services provided in TEEX facilities will need to follow current social distancing guidelines.

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