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The first group of Aggies majoring in the Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree program at Texas A&M University recently earned an important credential to add to their resume: the TEEX Forensic Technician Certificate. The students earned the certificate by completing 80 hours of forensics training through the Texas Forensic Science Academy (TFSA), hosted by TEEX’s Public Safety & Security division.

In order to become qualified to receive the certificate, students must complete two intensive, weeklong courses in Crime Scene Investigation and Latent Print Processing. Once all course work has been completed, 4 semester hours of credit are awarded to each student. The first three Texas A&M students to earn their Forensic Technician certificate are: Amber Kendrick, Rachel Mohr and Amanda Pena.

“These students were able to absorb a large volume of technical content, apply newly learned skills and produce exceptional work,” said academy Coordinator Christine Ramirez. “Each student displayed enthusiasm and motivation as well as dogged determination to learn and properly conduct the methodologies of all the processing techniques presented.”

The Texas Forensic Science Academy offers training and credentials designed to support improvements in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation, analysis, and courtroom testimony. In addition to the Forensic Technician certificate, the academy also offers the Forensic Investigator I and Forensic Investigator II certificates. All academy courses are approved for continuing education credit by the International Association for Identification.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

I am grateful for the opportunity TEEX gave me to fast track through a paramedic program… TEEX has an extremely demanding curriculum but it is possible to make it through as long as you’re willing and able to have the self-discipline to study every day.

— Andy Brookman, MetroWest Ambulance
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