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TEEX has added a specialized trainer to its dedicated professional team. The new trainer is Zappy the Mouse.

Zappy, who has been trained in kite-flying safety, electricity and water contact prevention, electrical outlet removal and power line safety, offers safety tips and training to both the young and the young at heart.

“Always fly kites away from power lines,” Zappy says. “Always hold on to plugs when removing the cord from the wall outlet.”

Through the special instructional manual, Zappy’s Electrical Safety Coloring Book, Zappy teaches children how to safely work with electrical units, while providing them with coloring fun.

Developed by the Engineering, Utilities and Public Works Training Institute, the coloring book is designed to be distributed to young students after electrical safety presentations are conducted at their schools.

Jan Fehlis, program coordinator for the institute and one of the creators of the coloring book, says that it was created to reinforce electrical safety tips provided by city utility companies during school presentations.

“Our clients provide safety training to schoolchildren as a public service to their community,” Fehlis says. “We developed this children’s coloring book so that they could give the children something to take with them to reinforce what the utility companies are trying to teach: Electricity is nothing to play around with. It can be very dangerous!”

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

We’d rather practice with people that we’ll actually be responding with…It enables us to respond quickly and more confidently, so we can better serve the public. I would recommend this course to any first responder.

— Charles Torres, Assistant Chief, The Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department
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