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COLLEGE STATION – It looks like a freight train has jumped the track and landed at Brayton Fire Field! It’s a train wreck with a purpose, and it’s all about training emergency responders.

The new Rail Transportation Emergency project at the Brayton Fire Training Field includes three railcars in a simulated derailment. A fourth railcar will be positioned to block access and visibility to the scene.

The new Project #64 will provide realistic training in several fire scenarios for those dealing with crude oil by rail and responders who could face a flammable liquid railcar emergency in their communities.

The railcars were donated by BNSF railway, who provided technical assistance, along with Union Pacific, during the planning phase of the new project. Moving the railcars from a siding in Bryan to the field was accomplished with semi trailers and a crane. TEEX Construction and Maintenance crews will complete the construction of the project.

Test burns are expected to be completed and the prop should be in use by July, said Gordon Lohmeyer, Executive Associate Division Director of the TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute. The “Crude by Rail” course is expected to be available next fall, he added

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I learned valuable techniques to use in my field and to take back to teach others at my agency.

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