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The U.S. Department of Defense had a problem: military firefighters needed certification for advancement, but not a single training facility offered courses meeting the requirements for chief fire officer certification.

That’s when TEEX’s Emergency Services Training Institute stepped in. ESTI recognized this need and developed Fire Officer III and IV courses in conjunction with the Department of Defense. The courses meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1021 standards, which outline the nationally recognized job performance requirements of fire officers.

ESTI is the only facility that offers 10-day certification courses in both Fire Officer III and Fire Officer IV and is the only organization anywhere that offers Fire Officer IV certification. The classes accommodate 20 to 40 students.

The courses were first offered in September and October 2000, and have been an unqualified success by all accounts, with more than 700 students receiving certification. After a year and a half of offering Fire Officer III and IV, ESTI remains the largest external training organization for fire and emergency services for the Department of Defense.

ESTI is accredited through the National Professional Qualification System to certify Fire Officer III and Fire Officer IV courses, along with another 20 additional national courses.

“Quality,” says program manager James Sledge, “is what keeps customers coming back for more training and spreading the news of ESTI to other customers.”

The students like the fact that the courses are activity-driven, relying less on instructor lectures and more on student participation in hands-on group activities.

Fire Officer III focuses on human resources management, community relations, administration, fire inspection and investigation, and emergency service delivery and programs. Fire Officer IV emphasizes human resources management, multi-agency emergency service delivery and risk management.

ESTI teaches these courses at facilities in College Station and to military personnel at sites across the country. Each offsite course is customized to the military base and the training needs of those who work there.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

This venture was a huge success due to the high quality of service your group provided. I hope to contract with TEEX again in the future as our training needs require.

— Douglas McLemore, client, B&W Pantex
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