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Chief Richard Duncan and Ernst Piercy of the U.S. Air Force Academy Fire Department hosted “Standards of Response Coverage” (SORC) from March 25-29, 2002.

Twenty-two participants from Air Force Fire Department bases across the U.S. participated in the course taught by Fort Worth Fire Chief Larry McMillen and ESTI’s Program Manager Mike Wisby.

“Standards of Response Coverage” is a week-long introduction to the concepts that determine the standards of response for a fire department on a military base. Municipalities have been working with standards of response issues for years; recently the Department of Defense has adopted the municipal model for application to base fire departments. ESTI’s “Standards of Response Coverage” demonstrates the relevance of the municipal model for military installations and adapts to address the specific concerns that arise in a military setting.

Ultimately, the goal of the course is to provide participants an understanding of the principles behind standards of response evaluation, an introduction to the tools for conducting such an evaluation, and an appreciation for the benefits that come from understanding the department’s ability to respond effectively to incidents of any magnitude and at any location on the base.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

This course will definitely make me a better officer.

— Death Investigation
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