The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) has a new logo identity. The new logo, which was unveiled to employees in November, is red and blue on a white background and incorporates the words: Train?Serve?Respond. It will serve as the primary visual identity for the agency.

“The updated design is a more contemporary image, but keeps the essence of the previous TEEX logo intact,” said Communications Director Jason Cook. The vertical lines on the E’s have been dropped from the previous logo to create motion and momentum, Cook said, while the star represents the state agency’s ties to Texas and its ties to the nation.

“These ties are also depicted by the choice of colors, which match the red and blue of the Texas State Flag and the U.S. flag,” Cook added. “But perhaps the most important component of the new logo is the addition of some descriptive words—Train? Serve? Respond—to further explain what TEEX does.”

“We believe this new identity for the agency accurately represents our training and service mission for the state of Texas,” said TEEX Director Robert L. Smith, “as well as the national scope of our work as we train people all over the United States and across international borders.”

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

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— Critical Asset Risk Management
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