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MESQUITE — TEEX-Professional and Regulatory Training (PRT) has begun a groundbreaking safety initiative with Printpack Inc., one of the largest flexible packaging manufacturers in the United States. Atlanta-based Printpack, with more than 4,000 employees worldwide, has made a major commitment to provide the best safety and health training possible for their safety staff, said Teresea Madden-Thompson, director of PRT.

Thirty-two safety professionals representing all 22 Printpack facilities have completed the first of eight classes, which will culminate in their designation as Certified Safety and Health Officials (CSHO) by August 2005. Participating in the program are employees from England and Mexico as well as the United States, including Texas employees from Printpack facilities in Grand Prairie and Orange.

“This is a major milestone for both TEEX-PRT and Printpack,” Madden-Thompson said. “Upon completion of the program, Printpack will be the first corporation to have all of their health and safety staff attain their CSHO certificate. This shows their strong commitment to the safety of their associates and the environment.”

“This program represents a commitment by our top management to provide our safety coordinators with the necessary training and education to make improvements in our existing safety program,” said Ford Best, director, corporate safety, for Printpack.

To obtain the designation of CSHO, students must complete approximately 220 hours of safety and health training. The courses are designed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) through the OSHA Training Institute and delivered by TEEX-PRT. Students can choose either to receive their CSHO in construction or general industry safety.

The CSHO program was initially offered to the federal government in 1997 for safety and health practitioners who did not hold degrees. In April 2002, the certification program was offered to the general public. More than 290 CSHO certificates have been awarded over the past seven years.

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