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Emergency personnel aspiring to move into management positions now have assistance through Texas’ only Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Leadership Academy, which provides educational opportunities at the basic operations and executive command levels.

Sponsored by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), the new academy standardizes supervisory-level instruction and offers consistent management training to emergency responders across the state.

The first of three courses, Basic Supervisory Practices, is “designed as a certification-level program that provides EMS personnel with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to ensure effective and successful introduction into supervisory roles as they move through the ranks of EMS,” said Forrest Wood Jr., leadership academy coordinator for TEEX.

“Using a combination of traditional didactic modules supplemented with small group activities and individual assignments, students will navigate through a series of course experiences designed to replicate actual supervisory situations,” Wood added.

The program includes modules addressing the roles and responsibilities of effective supervisors, learning how to develop effective cohesive teams, understanding the process for making and justifying a budget request, effectively organizing the basics of communication, resolving employee grievances and complaints, and working with the public.

This entry-level educational course is designed to lay a foundation for further advancement in supervisory practices. It will serve as a requisite for admission into the upcoming EMS Operations Program and Executive Development Program, which will also be featured in the academy.

Eligible students include anyone involved in emergency response, including paramedics, dispatchers and emergency room technicians, but agencies are encouraged to send personnel who have been identified for movement into the supervisory ranks.

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