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Eagle Scout Trevor Mason of Dallas recently built more than a dozen canine urban search and rescue “bark barrels” for Texas Task Force 1. A live “victim” can be placed inside the barrels, which are randomly hidden in wilderness areas for canine search training.

Mason and Boy Scout Troop 170 members adhered the barrels three deep end to end and built doors that can be held in place from inside. The training props are also complete with anti-roll braces and painted “Property of TX-TF1” logos.

“The troop leaders said that this was the best scout project they had done in years and felt that the entire troop was contributing to urban search and rescue efforts,” said Susann Brown, Texas Task Force 1 canine trainer.

The barrels were placed in a wooded area at Dallas’ Big City Concrete, which has supported the Task Force’s training for several years. Dallas station WFAA-ABC was on location Thursday, Oct. 14, and featured both the Boy Scout troop and Texas Task Force 1 with the canines on the 6 p.m. news.

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TEEX training is very well done.

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