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Dr. Marie Martin, Program Manager for Curriculum with TEEX’s Professional & Regulatory Training, has been elected to a three-year term as director-at-large on the Board of Directors of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). The ACGIH is a national professional scientific society that promotes worker health and safety through education and training. Martin will begin her term on Jan. 1, 2007.

Dr. David Schaller, Program Manager with TEEX’s Professional & Regulatory Training (PRT), has been appointed to the Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer (CET) Board of Certification. He will serve on the Instructional Technology and Occupational Safety and Health panels of the board. The CET is a certification sponsored by the National Environmental, Safety & Health Training Association, a non-profit international society for environmental, safety, and health and other technical training for adult education professionals.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

The ‘get in the driver’s seat’ style of instruction works well in this course.

— Demining
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