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Mrs. Frances Guerrero, of TEEX’s Career Advancement and Applied Technology Training Division, has successfully completed the certified welding inspector (CWI) exam, making her the first woman in South Texas to become a CWI.

Guerrero started her welding career five years ago as a TEEX welding student under the instruction of Raymond Madrid. Guerrero says that Madrid made a very big impression on her as a student.

“Mr. Madrid really believed in me and always told me that I could do anything,” Guerrero says. “He not only taught me how to be a great welder, but also how to be a great instructor.”

In order to receive her certification, Guerrero had to take a three-part test. Each part was two hours long and tested over topics such as different types of welding inspection and certification, testing processes, metallurgy, as well as various other welding knowledge, skills and techniques.

Guerrero, who passed the exam on her first try, says the CWI is a very difficult exam that often takes students several attempts to pass it.

“The test is very hard, but I was lucky enough to pass it,” Guerrero says. “I respect anyone who has the courage to repeat the exam.”

As a certified welding inspector, Guerrero will perform inspections and verify that the work conforms to the applicable standards. Guerrero’s other duties may include verifying and interpreting drawings, documents, base materials, consumable materials, welding equipment and procedures.

As a TEEX welding instructor, Guerrero says that she hopes to instill faith and confidence in her students, just as her instructors did.

“I have accomplished a lot since I came to TEEX as a student five years ago,” Guerrero says. “I was a single mother with four children when I began my training. TEEX stood behind me. The TEEX community helps and supports people. I also appreciate Ms. Jackie Gorman’s trust in me. Her hiring a former student affirms that TEEX stands by their mission and that it indeed works.”

Guerrero wants to continue that supportive role.

“I want to teach my students that they can accomplish anything,” Guerrero says.

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