Three Technology Winners to receive Product Development assistance from TEEX

11/27/2017 12:00 AM

”DefenseCOLLEGE STATION - Three companies developing technologies to enhance emergency response and homeland security are the 2017 winners of the Defense to Response Showcase. The DoD-funded technologies will each receive $110,000 in assistance to transition to the first responder marketplace through the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Product Development Center.

The winning companies are Applied Research Associates Inc., DetectaChem LLC and Southwest Synergistic Solutions.

Product development assistance will be provided to the companies through a $1.5 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI). TEEX conducted a national solicitation and identification of DoD technologies that could be transitioned and commercialized to enhance public safety and security. Twelve finalists were invited to present their technologies at the Defense to Response (D2R) Technology Showcase in College Station on Sept. 18-20 and three technologies were selected by a panel of judges. 

1.  Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device from Applied Research Associates, Inc. is intended to overcome the shortcomings and regulations of conventional incendiary flashbang devices. It could allow law enforcement teams to operate in environments where pyrotechnic-based flashbang technologies are a poor choice, and could also be a cost-effective training tool.

2.  MobileDetect Test for Fentanyl ID from DetectaChem LLC is the next evolution of products in the SEEKER line of handheld, automated, colorimetric detection devices. The MobileDetect app enables automated detection of Fentanyl and Carfentanil with a smartphone. Thee growing opioid epidemic means every police officer and first responder needs a safe, cost-effective way to detect the presence of these substances, so they may handle them appropriately.

3.  Southwest Synergistic Solutions E/T (Emergency/Tactical) Light was developed at the request of a medic who was carrying four bags of chemical lights to triage patients. The E/T light combines four colors and infrared into one combat-proven, lightweight, durable, illuminated marker that functions in austere environments. Emergency responders could use the E/T light to tag team members, patients and equipment. The light also could be used in hunting, kayaking, fishing, back-up lighting, camping, scuba diving and boating.

“Using the continuous product development cycle of Think-Build-Sell, the TEEX Product Development Center will focus on prototype development, first responder customization, and potential integration with existing first responder systems,” said Caleb Holt, manager of the TEEX PDC.

“We will serve as a gateway for these DoD-developed technologies to gain access to real-world training facilities and hands-on, end-user engagement, as we work to position them for successful market entry. We will also offer all technologies selected for DPSI’s Technology Transfer Program to become TEEX TESTED®.”

The selected technologies will be paired with product managers, an emergency response subject matter expert (SME) and a business advisor. Technologies will have testing and evaluation plans developed and executed utilizing TEEX facilities such as Brayton Fire Training Field and Disaster City®.

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