A concentration within the Preparedness Program, Industrial Preparedness specializes in incident command training, drills, or exercises in a plant setting. While field and tactical skills are learned through programs such as Industrial Fire, LNG, Marine/Offshore, Electric, or Water/wastewater, the Industrial Program can provide next level training for senior officials to hone decision making skills for response or event management.

National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP): Utilizing HSEEP as a guide, exercises and drill can be conducted to meet NPREP regulatory requirements for PHMSA, USCG, or EPA, including Worst Case Discharge (WCD) Exercises.

Training courses and workshops offered can be customized to your needs and to address your facilities response strategies. We have a standard offering of courses for Industrial On-Scene Commanders/ERT Leaders and Industrial Incident Management Teams. Training may also be requested for Qualified Individuals (QI) or Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Planning and Technical Assistance
Our team of subject matter experts can assist with a variety of planning needs in order to provide a holistic approach to your training and exercise program. This may include development and revision of Facility Response Plans (FRP), Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP), Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRP), Facility Security Plans (FSP), or other emergency management plans as required by regulations.

Exercises and training focus on:

  • Fire
  • Spill
  • Leak
  • Release
  • Mass Casualties
  • Security Incidents
  • Cyber-Intrusion Incidents
  • Regulatory Compliance

Exercise and Technical Assistance

Exercises that help you to assess your plans, policies, and procedures and identify planning, training, and equipment needs. We also offer the review and completion of emergency response plans and deliver customized workshops, and seminars.

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Incident Management in a Virtual Environment

We simulate real-world emergency scenarios requiring incident management for any organization to include: industrial, airport security, offshore platform/oil spill platform, fire, universities, and hospitals. 

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