​​​​​​​​​TEEX announces a new employment program for veterans. M.O.S.T (Military Outreach Skills Training) is the first in the nation to offer guaranteed welding jobs to all graduates of its six-week onsite course. These highly-paid positions are available in several states (over 1,000 in Texas) in the utility and lighting industry.

  • Guaranteed job
  • Career growth
  • Certification
  • Flexibility
  • Salary + benefits
  • Multiple placement locations

Attend the upcoming presentation for more information
February 21st 10am-12pm
Copeland Center, Building 18010, Room B110
Fort Hood, TX

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They gave me skills I didn’t even have and fine-tuned the ones I did.

Scott H. | Graduate, ​Class #90

M.O.S.T.® was “a solution to meet a dire need that was developing at this facility for skilled welders.

​ ​​​T​im Mayhugh | Plant Manager, Thomas & Betts


Guaranteed Job

Full time welding position guaranteed before discharge date.

Career Growth

Continuing education program provides a career ladder allowing the soldier to reach all positions in the welding industry.


Participants will receive a 2G welding certification upon completion of the program.


Job location and starting date are selected by participants before training begins.

Salary + benefits

Salary, benefits, wage increases, ample overtime and OJT supplement provides immediate high middle class income.

Convenient location

Training is provided on base or in close proximity.



Soldiers and family with approved GI benefits qualify as well as recently discharged personnel.

Fast and easy qualification. Interview via Skype. Virtual welding test onsite. Good work ethic and military record required.

Class size limited to 50 candidates. Lock in your well-paying job now before discharge.

Contact Information

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

TEEX Program Manager

Email: roger.caldwell@teex.tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 458-6721

I would strongly recommend this course. I found it extremely informative, effective, and relevant to my job as a bomb technician.

— Advanced Ordnance Recognition for Law Enforcement
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