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National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program

This program is tailored for U.S. commercial service providers and public safety organizations utilizing small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). A Section 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration is required to operate in the national airspace system. The first two companies to complete the rigorous credentialing testing are HUVRDATA based in Austin and Aviation Unmanned headquartered in Dallas.

Completion of the credentialing program enables companies to validate compliance to FAA regulations regarding commercial UAS ventures and demonstrate safe flight operations and enhanced safety management systems. The third party vetting of the service providers and public safety organizations includes an extensive document review, oral examination and a live-flight audit including full launch and recovery. Feedback on operational and safety procedure enhancements will also be provided.

Service providers who complete the program will receive a certificate validating their ability to safely and effectively operate Section 333 exempted small UAS in the national airspace, and the list of “Qualified sUAS Vendors” will be published on the NUASCP portion of this site. Credentialed organizations will have exclusive access to TEEX-LSUASC programs and potential opportunities to support disaster and emergency response and potential access to stakeholders in the oil and gas, energy sector, transportation, as well as other industry partners requiring infrastructure inspection and other remote-sensing capabilities.

The following are TEEX Credential Service Providers​

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