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Response Leadership is a podcast for anyone looking to add to their leadership toolbox. Each month, we will talk to thought leaders in law enforcement, fire and emergency services, infrastructure and safety, or cybersecurity to gain insights into the challenges leaders face in these disciplines. Not only for those in leadership roles, the podcast is for anyone looking to lead from their current position. New episodes are released on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

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Recruitment and Retention Through the Transformative Power of Listening

Carolyn Zerkle

Carolyn Zerkle, Deputy Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, shares insights into recruiting and retaining top talent in a competitive industry and enhancing employee well-being through innovative programs. Discover how better listening can help you create a culture of continuous improvement where people can thrive and make a difference.

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Innovation in Risk-Averse Environments

Kevin Sofen

Kevin Sofen, Director of Innovation at W.S. Darley & Company, explains the importance of technology and innovation to emergency response. He delves into the significance of listening, user-centered problem-solving and a change management mindset in the adoption of technology.  

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Engage Your Team with Full-Spectrum Leadership

Dr. Reginald Freeman 

Dr. Reginald Freeman, Fire Chief of the city of Oakland, outlines the principles of Full Spectrum Leadership, a holistic approach to leadership that focuses on achieving results, building effective relationships, energizing teams and modeling personal excellence, integrity, and accountability. These five pillars provide a comprehensive framework for leaders to succeed in their roles and positively impact their teams and organizations.  

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CHIP Mentality: Community, Honor, Integrity, and Pride

Chief Allen Banks

Allen Banks, Police Chief of the city of Round Rock, discusses leading by example and creating a cultural change in his department through his C.H.I.P. Model of leadership. The C.H.I.P. Model focuses on “getting the chip off your shoulder” and instead emphasizes C.H.I.P.—Community, Honor, Integrity and Pride. 

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