TEEX is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers through training, technical assistance and emergency response services. A member of The Texas A&M University System, TEEX provides training and technical assistance to more than 180,000 individuals each year from all 50 states, five U.S. territories, the District of Columbia and 105 countries.

As a TEEX customer, you should expect us to maintain our commitment to developing a highly skilled and educated workforce that enhances the public safety, health and economic growth of the state through the continued provision of training, technical assistance and emergency response.

Customer Service Standards

TEEX Staff

TEEX staff will:

  • Properly identify themselves when contacted by you
  • Answer all your inquiries with respect and courtesy
  • Provide you with prompt and accurate information
  • Direct you, when necessary, to the appropriate personnel

TEEX Facilities

All TEEX facilities will provide:

  • Reasonable access, as required by law
  • Accurate signage to the facilities
  • Clean, well-lit and suitable space for the intended purpose


When communicating with you, TEEX resolves to:

  • Provide updated employee telephone listings and/or email addresses
  • Promote TEEX toll-free numbers
  • Provide straight-forward telephone access for inquiries
  • Minimize the time you spend on hold and quickly transfer calls to the appropriate personnel
  • Reply promptly to questions, inquiries and complaints

Web Site

Visitors to our Web site can expect:

  • Prominently-displayed information regarding the Web site and about agency’s locations
  • Current information about, and/or links to, programs, services and events
  • A user-friendly Web site with easy-to-read pages and instructions
  • Customer service contact information


Our customers will experience:

  • Offices and centers with personnel capable of providing efficient service and accurate information
  • Response times appropriate for all inquiries or questions
  • The opportunity to provide feedback after every TEEX delivery of products and services

Printed Materials

TEEX will provide:

  • Quality curriculum, classroom materials, publications, brochures and other print materials that are complete, up-to-date and accurate in their content
  • Materials that have been reviewed for editorial quality and publication standards
  • Customer service contact information displayed on printed materials

TEEX Customer Service Representative

If you:

  • Haven’t been satisfied with the service you’ve received
  • Can’t find the person you need
  • Need help to resolve a problem
  • want to suggest a way for us to improve our service
  • or just don’t know what to do next

Student Records

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service 
PO Box 40006
College Station, Texas 77842-4006

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (979) 458-6833
FAX: (979) 458-6822 

Complaint Procedure

If you have a problem or a suggestion on how we can improve our customer service, please:

  • Contact us through our toll-free telephone numbers, email, Web site or mail service. Contact names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers for filing complaints are prominently displayed on the Web site, brochures, student evaluation surveys, and any related materials.
  • Explain the nature of your complaint or suggestion. Your complaint will be handled professionally and courteously.
  • Within 72 hours, we will respond to let you know the steps we are taking to resolve your complaint.
  • After your complaint has been fully resolved, you will receive a written response confirming the resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, please contact the TEEX Customer Service Representative listed above.

Information Distribution

Information regarding TEEX training courses or specific events is distributed through course brochures, TEEX Web site, email subscription, fax (on request) and by toll-free telephone. To request information, please contact one of our toll-free numbers listed on this website.

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